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Nội Dung Ebook

Enjoy Your Stay is a complete course for trainees and employees in the hotel industry, as well as students taking hospitality courses and general readers interested in the industry.

This book is comprised of 30 units that meet the practical needs of industry-related personnel. Topics include reservations, checking in, services and facilities, housekeeping, emergencies, problems and solutions, checking out, and staff training. You will learn how to deal with guests properly in various situations, and will build your service skills.

Every unit is divided into four regular parts: Conversation, Words and Expressions, Activity, and Exercises. By following the sequence, readers will study all aspects of English —speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Practical illustrations are also included in this book to help you develop better comprehension. This book makes your learning fun!


Part 1 . Reservations
1. Giving Information About the Hotel
2. Taking Room Reservations
3. Reservation Emails and Faxes
Part 2 . Checking in
4. The Check-in
5. Showing Guests to Their Rooms
Part 3 . Services and Facilities
6. Room Service
7. Laundry and Valet Services
8. Tour Arrangements and Giving Directions
9. Transportation
10. Tailoring
11. Exchanging Money and Depositing Items
12. Looking for Guest, Mailing, and Baby-sitting Services
13. Restaurants (1)
14. Restaurants (2)
15. Conferences and Business Travelers
16. Messages and Phones Calls
Part 4 . Housekeeping
17. Making up the Rooms
18. Supplying Things
Part 5  Emergencies
19. The Loss of Belongings and Pets
20. Medical Problems
21. Various Accidents Problems and Solutions
Part 6  Problems and Solutions
22. Room Problems (1)
23. Room Problems (2)
24. Complaints About the Laundry
Part 7  Checking out
25. Paying Bills
26. Payment Problems
Part 8  Staff Training
27. Room Attendants (1)
28. Room Attendants (2)
29. Cleaning Staff
30. Laundry Staff

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